Special Events

Several times a year, friends and supporters gather for fun celebrations which honor and support the great work being done at New Directions.

These events also give staff, board members and community supporters the chance to meet and get to know all the wonderful people associated with our agency. Our annual events are listed below, but be sure to check our Facebook page to see what is happening right now!

Casual Elegance Wine tasting
Friday, April 29 at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Foundry Suites
1738 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, New York 14207

Join us for a night of drinks and hors d'oeuvres to benefit New Directions Youth & Family Services at one of Buffalo's coolest venues!

There will be wine and beer tastings, music, games, raffles and more! Tickets are $40 per person and $75 per couple. For more information or to purchase tickets, please call (716) 358-3636, ext. 270.

All proceeds to support the purchase of children's recreation equipment and activities.

Leave a Legacy

Throughout our 150 year history, many people have chosen to remember us in their will, which often enables them to provide a level of support considered unachievable during their lifetime. These generous, thoughtful gifts are frequently made directly to our foundation’s endowment, ensuring that this gift will continue to provide support for generations to come!

Naming the New Directions Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, on your life insurance, 401k, or IRA, is not a complex task, but will require you to contact your lawyer, financial advisor or whomever it is that would normally handle these requests on your behalf.

Once these arrangements have been made, please contact us so that we can appropriately acknowledge your generosity and discuss with you how you would like your gift to be used.

Donate Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Donating appreciated securities directly to New Directions could maximize the tax advantages for you and the donation for us! Here’s why:

When you donate appreciated securities, such as stock, directly to New Directions, we are able to utilize its full value for our mission, while if you were to sell the shares and then donate the proceeds, the capital gains taxes on the sale would decrease the actual gift. Donated securities still provide a tax deduction equal to their market price value at the time of your donation.

U.S. Savings bonds cannot be transferred, but must be sold first - which triggers all of the accumulated tax liability. If savings bonds were to be left to New Directions through a bequest, then the income tax could be avoided.

The IRS has specific policies that guide all these types of donations. Please contact your lawyer or financial advisor to see if this is the best way for you to support New Directions, and to answer whatever questions that you might have.

Donate from your IRA

If you are required to take minimum distributions from your traditional IRA or 401k, did you know that you can have these distributions donated directly to New Directions?

And while this donation would count toward your required minimum distribution, it won’t increase your adjusted gross income or generate a tax bill. This strategy could also be of help if you are retired and want to support us, but don’t want to itemize your deductions.