Help a child and change the future.....

New Directions Foster Care is here to help families who are experiencing a difficult time. The children and families we serve have often suffered trauma and need help in their healing. We recruit and train healing, sensitive and caring individuals and families to become foster/adoptive resources. These are people who are willing to support children and their families as they embark upon the process of growth and discovery.

We’re here to help you while you help others…

The main goal of any foster care agency is to help reunify families after a court ordered separation. At New Directions, when a reunification is not possible we help find families who are willing to adopt, love and raise these children and thus, provide the permanence and security needed by all.

Most of our foster and adoptive families have come to us through word of mouth. We have a great team of foster/adoptive families who give of themselves on many levels to help others in need. We provide training, consultation, support and continued team involvement once an applicant family is officially certified.

We listen to what your needs are and to whom you think you and your family is best suited to help. Once we have a child/family referred to our agency we call the best matched foster parent/family to come forward as a possible resource. The county department of social series then selects the presented families.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about how you can help, call us to set up an individual information session. We can be reached at

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