Knowledge is Power

Our schools are located on the campuses of Randolph Residential Services (Randolph, NY) and Wyndham Lawn Residential Services (Lockport, NY), and are specifically designed to meet the needs of students experiencing educational, emotional, and behavioral challenges. In addition to our campus residents, both schools serve day students from their surrounding school districts, as well as CSE students from across New York State.

Our schools use strength-based teaching strategies such as differentiated learning with small class sizes. Careful consideration is given to each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) to ensure that our school can meet your child’s specific instructional needs, and that the environment will effectively support his or her level of social and emotional development.

We are also very excited to announce that in the autumn of 2018, the Smart School Bond Act Investment Grant will provide support for significant upgrades to our school’s technology infrastructure, allowing us to enhance the educational experience for students at all levels!


Places of Opportunity

The Henrietta G. Lewis Campus School +
Located on the grounds of the Wyndham Lawn Residential Services in Lockport, NY, the Henrietta G. Lewis Campus School is a private, state-approved school serving Wyndham Lawn Residential Services and day students from surrounding school districts with the goal of returning students to their home districts as soon as possible. To this end, we use a number of innovative instructional strategies, including technology-assisted programs and interactive whiteboards. Fastmath and Read 180, for example, have allowed students to improve math skills by up to 30% in as little as three months.

For more information, contact:
Patricia McMahon, Principal
Phone: 716.433.4487, ext. 426
The Wayne E. Secord Pre-school +
Coming soon!
The Randolph Academy +
The Randolph Academy is a public Special Act school district located on the campus of Randolph Residential Services in Randolph, NY, and in Hamburg, NY. The Academy provides an intensive, quality education for special needs students. We offer therapy, counseling, and behavior management as well as a full 12-month academic program. In addition, we currently serve many area school districts with our Day Program.
The Randolph Academy recently participated in a New York State pilot evaluation program, where we ranked second out of all participating schools. The project measured student achievement during enrollment through the use of pre- and post-tests.

All of our teachers and faculty members are trained in the sociological model of Normative Culture. Our goal is to engage students in the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary to become life-long learners – enabling their successful transition back into home, school, and community.