Welcome to Mabel's Baby Shower!

Mabel, a 12-year-old standardbred mare, is expecting a foal in the Spring of 2023! Help us shower Mabel with all she needs to welcome her new baby. It isn’t every day a new horse is born, in fact, this is just the second foal born in the history of the Randolph Equestrian Program! While the exact due date is unknown, our best guess is sometime in February or March. In the meantime, we are busy with preparations including a Symbolic Baby Gift Registry (below), a Naming Contest (click here to find out more), and more!

You can also join Mabel in her journey, checking our  “Mabel-Cam” to see what she’s up to and maybe even see the birth live with her own YouTube livestream!

And before you know it, a new foal will join the New Directions’ barn family of Mabel, Steele, Forest, Janie, Fancy and Skip (caring, dedicated horses); Clyde (cutest donkey ever); and Wednesday and Roper (guard kitties).

New Directions Equestrian Program is a much-loved and highly impactful program. Through horse-based activities, kids gain confidence, build trust, and learn to form healthy boundaries. Learning how to take care of a horse, with guidance from equine staff, helps kids practice empathy and develop authentic connections.

We need your help making sure Mabel and her new baby have everything they need, so we’ve created a symbolic baby registry to help raise funds to welcome and care for our new foal, along with others in our equestrian program. Although Mabel and her foal will not actually receive the specific items listed, your donations will go toward foaling items needed as well as hay, straw, feed, sawdust, and items needed to run the equestrian program each day.

Your gift will ensure the new foal has a safe, warm haven in which to grow and thrive for years to come. The new foal will grow up alongside Momma Mabel, enriching the lives of children receiving New Directions’ equestrian services.


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