Where can I find my selected family or child wish list and sizes?
Full Family Listing
Full Individual Child Listing

How are families selected?
All 400+ benefiting children receive community based services from New Directions. New Directions workers talk with parents/caregivers to determine a family’s need and desire, then create “wish lists.” To honor client confidentiality, all families have been given a holiday-themed name. For organizing and ease of delivery, families are further coded based on the program, location, and worker. Please use the holiday name and/or code when delivering items.

Do I have to purchase everything listed?
Wish-lists are ideas and starting points to help guide your gift purchasing. Not every item on the list must be purchased.

How much should I spend?
Each donor will set the amount they are comfortable spending. The important thing is to balance spending across a sibling group, so when purchasing for siblings each child receives gifts of similar value. On average, each child has received approximately $50-$75 in gifts (amount based on previous Save-a-Christmas campaigns).

Can I donate gently used items?
Sorry, we are not able to accept gently used items.

Should I wrap the gifts I purchase?
Unwrapped gifts provide an opportunity for parents to participate in the giving process by wrapping gifts for their child, and to know what their child is receiving. You may include wrapping paper, tape or bows with your gift, if you like!

Where and when do I drop off gifts?
Early gift drop off helps! Gifts may be dropped off weekdays between 8:30am and 4pm at Lockport or Randolph. Contact us to schedule a drop off at our Amherst office.
We are also hosting Save-a-Christmas drop off receptions as follows:
Monday, December 3rd @ Lockport – Wyndham Lawn Main Building 6395 Old Niagara Rd. – 3pm-6pm *
Tuesday, December 4th @ Randolph Campus Admin Building 356 Main St. ER – 3pm-6pm
Wednesday, December 5th @ 4511 Harlem Rd. Suite 200, Amherst, NY from 3-6pm
New this year, Save-a Christmas gifts may be dropped off at
Howard Hanna Real Estate, 3830 Union Rd., Cheektowaga, NY, during business hours.

Would you be able to pick up my gifts?
Should you need your gifts picked up, call us before December 7, 2018 to arrange a convenient time.

Are monetary donations accepted?
Yes! Monetary donations are used to purchase gifts in the event not all children are selected by donors. All monetary donations are applied to Save-a-Christmas. Click here to donate.

What opportunities are there for my workplace, church, or group of friends?
Save-a-Christmas is a great way for groups to sponsor large families or multiple children, host toy drives, or make monetary donations. Friendly giving competitions within your circles will help to get all kids covered! Please contact us to discuss your ideas before you get started.

Are there other ways I can help?
Yes! Help us spread the word by sharing our Facebook posts and Giving Tuesday campaign with friends and family.

Additional Tips:
– Please drop off items as early as possible! We need time to get all gifts to the families.
– Please bag and label all gifts for the child you have selected. * Please select gifts that are safe for the age of the child selected.
– We do not recommend the purchase of video games, tablets, or other expensive electronics.
– Receipts are available and provided upon request, when your gifts are dropped off with an agency representative.

Call the Save-a-Christmas phone at (716) 229-8266 or email us at SaveaChristmas@ndyfs.org

On behalf of the children who will experience Christmas, THANK YOU!

Thank you to our Save a Christmas partner!